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'Goden Dag' is how they say 'Good Day' to you in Wilster, which is one of the oldest towns in Schleswig-Holstein - old but still young at heart. Municipal laws came into force in 1282. Built on a beautiful site, Wilster is the business and cultural center of the Wilstermarsch region.

A traditional and cosy atmosphere is present everywhere, with no sign of big city hectic. There are many historical buildings, which are well worth visiting.
The old town hall, built in 1585, is thought to be one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in Schleswig-Holstein.

With just short of 4500 inhabitants the people
of Wilster don't all know each other, but it's
small enough for everyone to say 'Good Morning'
when they meet.

The town lies in the middle of the fenlands
between the river Elbe, Stoer, the Northsea-Baltic
Channel and Geest.
Typical for the region are the thatch-roofed
cottages and farms and the neverending lush,
green pastures. It is a wonderful experience
to see the corn, golden in the fields, when the
wind rolls softly through the fen.

The whole of the Wilstermarsch is fenland,
used many for farming and cattle.
Germanys lowest point also lies here
(approximately 3,54 meters below sealevel).
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