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We got to know the Golden Retriever breed in 1979 and soon realised that this was the breed for us.
So we bought a puppy in Denmark, because back in 1979 it was difficult to find a Golden Retriever in Germany.
Today we have to say that we were very lucky and asked the right people from the DRC/VDH (Retriever Club). They introduced us to a breeder.
Birka, the foundationbitch of our 'Redpine-Golden' line, grew up and we decided to embarg on the adventure of breeding our own dogs. We enjoyed this so much that we have kept it up ever since.
Our aim has always been to breed healthy dogs with a firm character, who are industrious workers and live up to the set standards of their breed.
Many of our puppies have later become successful participants in shows. Some have also been trained and used to hunt. Here is a list of the most successful dogs.
Since we feel as breeders that it is our duty to keep up the high standards of efficiency, our dogs are also trained and used for the hunt - both in theory and practice. But of course this isn't necessary for all the puppies that we breed. Goldens are also excellent when kept as family dogs or as companions for the handicapped.
We always take great care to help those interested in buying a puppy to find the right one for their wishes and needs. And we are happy to give advice and support as long as needed - a dog's life long if necessary.
All our dogs live with us in the family
and not in kennels.
Each year we plan up to two litters.
Anyone interested in a new family
member is always welcome to visit us.
Please click here if you want more
information about upcoming litters.

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