"of Redpine"
~ the story

~ about us ~
~ where we live ~

My name is Sylvia Sponholz. I was born in 1952 in Hamburg and live with my husband Uwe, who was born in 1943 in Belgard/Pommerania, and our four-legged friends, on a farm in Nortorf near the town of Wilster.

Due to a chronical illness I have been retired since 1982 and have relied on a wheelchair now for over ten years. Our dogs are our hobby.

For the past ten years I have organised shows for the German Retriever Club (DRC).
I used to be an inspector for
Golden Retrievers and am entitled
to officially accept litters for all
breeds of retrievers.

At present I was spokeswoman
for all show and exhibition affairs
within the DRC.

My husband is a DRC judge for
escort dogs. Years ago he got
hunting lincense for the sake of
our retrievers.
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